All Members must have their septic systems inspected and pumped out at least once every five years. The inspection shall be conducted by a qualified firm specifically licensed for such purpose. The Member must file documentation with the TSPOA office. The documentation shall include at least the following information: a full visual inspection and evaluation including the size, composition, and condition of the tank. The report must also contain a notation and/or sketch of the location of the tank relative to the residence, and the approximate distance between the tank and the Lake. The inspector shall indicate whether the septic tank is in good and operable condition. Such report shall be filed in the TSPOA office within five days of the inspection. Type your paragraph here.

​Failure to File Documentation. In the event that a Member fails or neglects to file the required documentation in a timely manner, the Member shall be subject to a fee of $500.00, or such other amount as set by the Board and shall be subject to other remedies as provided for in the Governing Documents.

Systems Failing Inspection. If an inspection has been completed but the inspection firm ascertains that the tank is not in good and operable condition, the Member shall either replace the tank or make necessary repairs to bring the system into good and operable condition within one (1) month of the inspection. A Member may come before the Board to request an extension which shall be granted or denied in the Board’s exclusive discretion. Such a request must be made within twenty days from the date of the inspection. Failure or neglect to make such repairs shall subject the Member to a fee of $500.00 (or such other amount as set by the Board) for each twelve (12) consecutive month period, or any part thereof, which a Member remains out of compliance with the obligations set forth in this paragraph. Additionally, TSPOA may disconnect a Member’s property from the TSPOA water system until necessary corrective action is timely taken. The supply of water will be renewed upon the presentation of satisfactory evidence that the corrective action has been taken and completed.

Corrective Action Required. Payment of any fee imposed by TSPOA does not alleviate such Member from taking necessary corrective action. If a Member does not take corrective action in a timely manner and provide TSPOA with an updated inspection within a timely manner, whether or not the Member has paid a fee, the Member shall remain non-compliant and shall be subject to additional fees and remedies as provided for in the Governing Documents.

No Metal Septic Tanks. All new or replacement septic tanks must be non-metal.                     (Septic Care​​ Pamphlet)

Details necessary to Submit a Septic Report to the TSPOA

1. Date of Service
2. Address where Septic Tank resides
3. Size of tank
4. Composition of Tank ie. Metal, Concrete, Plastic, Other
5. Inspector’s statement of the condition of the tank i.e.: “Tank is in good and operable condition” 
6. Sketch of the location of the tank relative to the residence and the approx.. distance between the tank and the Lake if your property is a Lakefront property.

Service Providers frequently used by members

Bill Baldwin & Sons, Inc., 297 George Road, Ghent, NY 12075 518-828-0012 
Flood’s Sanitation, 5992 N. Elm Avenue, Millerton, NY 12546 518-789-4678
Superior Sanitation, 5 Ryan Road, Pine Plains, NY 12567 518-398-7361

Note: Taconic Shores does not recommend or endorse any of the companies mentioned above. This is simply a list of companies know to operate in the community.


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