Dates To Remember

​December 31st – Final day to submit documentation for all Septic’s due for a cleaning/inspection in 2020 –review section XI of the TSPOA Rules and Regulations for what must be included on the submitted paperwork.

January 1st – $500 Septic Fee for properties whose septic’s were due prior to 2021 and no report was submitted to the office.

January 1st – Annual Rental $100 Administrative Fee invoiced to properties who rent


Taconic Shores

Property Owners Association

Garbage & Recycle Collection

​Pick-Up Schedule. Garbage and recyclables will be scheduled to be picked up once a week on Mondays. When a legal holiday falls on a Monday, pick-up will be on the Tuesday following the holiday.

Required Garbage Bags, etc. Garbage must be placed in pre-paid Columbia County garbage bags, deposited in a tightly secured metal or plastic container, and placed at the edge of the road for morning pick-up. Any garbage found at any time on a Member’s property that is not placed in a secured container will be removed by the TSPOA without prior notice and the Member will be charged $25 per each 15-gallon bag needed to dispose of such garbage. Recyclables are to be placed in a separate container and left next to the garbage.

Bagged Leaves. Bagged leaves will be picked up in the Fall in accordance with a notice printed or posted in the TSPOA office or newsletter. All bagged leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags.

Limitations. TSPOA only picks up household garbage, recyclables, and leaves. Leaves must be bagged in paper, recyclable/biodegradable bags. They will be picked up only during designated periods and not otherwise. TSPOA does not pick up any other debris. Disposal of brush, building materials, non-household waste, major appliances, and other similar debris is the responsibility of the member. These materials may be disposed of at a Columbia County transfer station or other legal waste disposal site. If debris is not removed by the member in a timely manner, TSPOA may, after notice to the member, remove the debris and charge the member three times the actual cost of the removal.

❖ If you are SELF-QUARANTINED or DIAGNOSED WITH THE VIRUS, please make sure your garbage is double bagged and secured tightly with no loose waste. CLEAN Recyclables are to be bagged as garbage in a Columbia County bag. Please hold for 1 week before putting out for pickup. Everyone else may use a single Columbia County bag for trash and is to rinse their recyclables and put in either a bin, garage can or biodegradable bag such as paper. Cardboard boxes are to be broken down and flattened for pickup. For your own protection, it is recommended you wash your trash and recyclable