Property Owners Association

Taconic Shores

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XVI Pets:


1. Permitted Pets. Other than Service Animals (as defined by the United States Department of Justice interpreting the American with Disabilities Act), no animal shall be kept or maintained on any property located within TSPOA except dogs, cats, fish in aquariums, small reptiles, hamsters, and gerbils confined within the home, and caged birds (but no fowl), provided such pets are confined within the Member's property and that they do not disturb or annoy other Members or guests. Any inconvenience, damage, excrement or unpleasantness caused by any pet shall be the sole responsibility of its owner.

2. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept for commercial purposes.

3. All dogs and cats shall be kept under the direct control of their owners at all times and shall not be allowed to run free or otherwise interfere with the comfort and convenience of any resident or guest.

4. Dogs on Leash. Members who own dogs must comply with the local leash and licensing laws and they must clean up after their pets. All dogs must be confined to the Member’s property, except when on a leash. Failure to comply with either shall result in a $150.00 fee. All pet waste shall be removed by the pet's owner in a sanitary manner. Failure to do so shall result in a $150.00 fee for each occurrence